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Remember, there’s a script file in the control that should open automatically (if it doesn’t, click the gray arrow on the upper-right corner of the control or right-click the control and choose Show Smart Tag), check all the available check boxes, shown in Figure 13-4. The links in the left column enable you to edit, delete, and select the relevant genres. If you don’t see the Planet Wrox database listed here or you get an error, refer to the preceding chapter, which explains how to set up the database. Navigate Urldoes the code immediately start loading the page or is there a "nether-world" is goes to 1st? Page '06/14/11 Private Test Details View Load As Boolean = False Private Sub Online Orders_Init(sender As Object, e As System. Init Common.tmp_str = "" End Sub Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Note that you can’t delete genres that have one or more reviews attached to them. Chapter 15 digs much deeper into changing the user interface (UI) to disable the Delete links so users can no longer accidentally click them.(visible in Figure 13-5), to sort the data in the grid on that column.If you click the same header again, the data is sorted in reverse order.

The primary aspect of the List View control is that it allows you to take full control of the user interface via templates and properties.Next, add App_Code folder to the web site and add a new class in it. They represent the respective columns of the Photos table.Notice that you have used the auto-implemented property syntax of C# to define the properties. Data Source = "" ' Login CC Details View_Dxpress. Insert) End Sub Private Sub Details View_Dxpress_Pre Render(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. ASPx Button = Nothing Dim My Insert Button As ASPx Editors. Find Control("ASPx Combo Box_DV_Edit") If Details View_Dxpress. ASPx Combo Box = Nothing Dim My Update Button As ASPx Editors.

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