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London journalist Tim Guest, author of Second Lives: a Journey Through Virtual Worlds, estimated that "about 6.5 percent of logged-in residents" have filed one or more abuse reports in Second Life.By the end of 2006, he writes, Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, "was receiving close to 2,000 abuse reports a day." Current statistics are unavailable.Some fighting messages reportedly have been seen on the website; we didn't observe any during the review of the app.Users can report other users for rules violations by clicking on their avatars and tapping "report" under their profiles.Based on how the current races work I don't think it's a stretch to expect both in each pack.lol I still was but I was going from memory so that's my fault.

Kids decorate their Unitz (rooms), play games to earn points to buy things, chat with others, go to "parties," and buy stuff, which requires earning currency by playing games or buying points via in-app purchase. The numerous buying options are advertised as kids travel around 's terms of use.

Those unfamiliar with virtual worlds may wonder how avatar rape even happens.

(You can access a short bibliography of online content devoted in part or in whole to issues involving virtual assault.) Typically, users encounter the act through three scenarios: You can lure others or be lured into it yourself. You can “grief” it — a term that means to cause grief — or suffer it because of a griefer.

he magic originates from a large, boxy structure lined with cameras that capture 3-D images of human models.

In a matter of minutes at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies, computer scientist Ari Shapiro can use the device to create a digital replica of you that looks alarmingly like your reflection in the mirror.

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