The ultimate dating guide

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Through a friend, I met the woman I would go on to marry.At the time, I was 33-years old and at the start of my entrepreneurial journey (translation: completely stressed-out and about 20 lbs overweight). I'll spare you the details since it's neither relevant to helping you win at online dating, nor productive for myself or my ex-wife.It has long been my hypothesis that in most long-term relationships football has some role.Sure, there are times when both individuals hate it, avoid it, and are completely unaffected by it.All I wanted was to fall back into being aggressively single. Shirtless selfies, terrible opening lines, bad profile pics, and confusing profile summaries and headlines. As an online marketer, it occurred to me that these online dating sites were a lot like online marketing. I went on so many dates that I racked up some substantial credit card debt.

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The only problem was, I wasn't interested in anything serious. I got into situations where I had to start using Evernote as a dating CRM because I was confusing what different girls did for a living, where I met them, or where we'd gone out together.Do you want potential hook ups to think you’re grainy, badly lit, and distorted? Widely available for just 0, the Sony RX100 Mk1 will blow even your i Phone out of the water when it comes to making you look good, and it’s almost as easy to use.With a Zeiss lens and one-inch sensor, it shoots far better than any other point-and-shoot even remotely comparable in price.After I moved out I began dating immediately, but this time in an entirely new environment than what I remembered from 2005 and before. Now I was over 30, which gave me a much larger pool of women to choose from.Now I had my own company, which was a substantial step above being a bartender or server. Online dating no longer carried a social stigma, and most of my friends had stopped being single a while ago, and recently started posting ultrasounds on Facebook.

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