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As far as I’m concerned, Brian is actually less dateable than the premiere episode’s notorious Primetime Alex Stein.Personality: 2 Looks: 7 Choice Quote: “With the dick pics, it’s all about the lighting.I set up a little studio.” Ephraim, 33 (Sweet Smart Dork) Ephraim is a single dad with one son, 8-year-old Ben.He seems like a nice person — and, thanks to the gratuitous shower scenes, I can confirm that he has a deceptively good body — but is this man annoying. Personality: 4 Looks: 5.5 Choice Quote: “Holy ginger snaps, Batman.” Peter — Ephraim’s dad Peter’s ailing health led him to move in with Ephraim and Ben.It's 2012, and the dating "rules" are nonexistent now.Modern Dating will never tell you How to Win a Husband in Just 3 Easy Steps!(In contrast, "sugar daddy" dating sites and portals that pair up unhappily married people for affairs are as Google-able as ever.) Clearly the older woman/younger man pairing, though more on-the-radar than ever, is not sitting well in our psyches.

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Which is to say that the same grifters, students, beer garden douche bags and creeps you’d encounter at a happy hour in order to finally find a semi-nice guy are all waves in the sea of matches you’ve just drowned in. Here are nine representative samples of the guys you’ll meet here: Can we talk for a second about Steve who is swiping from more than 3,000 miles away? This other guy on the right wasn’t around for the weekend. But I’m not sure if beer garden douche bags actually leave their homes in the winter when it’s too cold to sit outside and hold an IPA with two hands. Or people like Roman, who literally took the time to create a split-screen Tinder pic. If you’re not wearing a lab coat in your picture, would girls even believe you’re training to be a doctor? I guess there’s a way that you can ensure no one under the age of 23 gets into your Tinder matches, but what’s the fun in that? "I had a friend who told me about this awful bar," Gibson recalls."There was a woman there who was flirting with younger guys.Brian, 33 (Brian_Dreams) Brian is a real estate agent and artist who loves art and and has he mentioned art, because art is his passion? His opinion of himself could not be higher, and his primary mode of flirtation is essentially incoherent rudeness.I’m genuinely unclear on whether that’s because he’s a fundamentally mean person, a fundamentally stupid person, or both.

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