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These should help you get rid of that winter weight and have a sexy little figure that every girl wants Story Natalie Brownlie-Protoulis, Photos Angie Lázaro and supplied Jeannie D is looking sexier then ever and I met up with her at her gym, Transfit Ultimate Fitness Conditioning, along with her personal trainer, Johno Meintjes, to get the scoop on her diet and workout routine. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.' So what keeps Jeannie D motivated for a healthy lifestyle? Lunch and dinner ranges from sushi to grilled chicken and rice, fish and veggies to big healthy salads.' Jeannie follows a diet set for her by Johno, but she admits that she loves her carbs and eats them in moderation.First up I asked Jeannie what had been her biggest challenge and lesson learned through her journey of fitness with Johno. After watching Johno putting her through a full workout, I quizzed Jeannie on how she's achieved such great results. I’d say the explosive jumps are my favourite because it’s challenging and you see results almost instantaneously!

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School years were spent at Camps Bay School and, after matriculating, Janez spent a year backpacking through Europe.' Read on for Johno's explanation of each of Jeannie's exercises.The whole object of the exercise is to be movement and body-weight orientated.Charismatic and bubbly television personality Jeannie D joined The Gareth Cliff Show on 1 October 2014 to mark Cliff’s five-month anniversary, which is oddly fitting given that we’ve wanted her to visit us from the beginning. She’s been too busy working from her home city, Cape Town, to stop by for an interview.We guess in ordinary situations we’d feel bad for an overworked individual but when your job consists of globe-trotting and living the best of the good life, our empathy dips ever so slightly…

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