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After a period of 167 years under Byzantine control (11th12th centuries), Bulgaria reestablished itself as a state under the reign of Tsar Peter.During the 13th century, the Bulgarian state stabilized and its boundaries expanded to the Black, White, and Adriatic seas.Finally we leave the best till last with an ascent of magnificent Vihren (2917m) before attempting Kotelo (2911m) along the airy Marble Ridge.Bulgaria never disappoints so if you're looking for one of Europe’s greatest “off the beaten track” destinations, an unforgettable mountain journey and a true cultural experience, then KE's Trekking the Ridges and Summits of Bulgaria is the only choice.As a general rule, you should avoid natural or malt flavorings.If a food has “natural” or “malt” flavorings in the ingredient list, contact the company to see if these flavorings came from a non–gluten source.

Tobacco in Bulgaria achieved stable growth at the end of the review period despite the new regulations and restrictions related to EU Tobacco Directive that came into force in May 2016.

Smoking prevalence remained high with Bulgaria being one of the EU countries with the highest youth and female smoking populations.

Cigarettes demonstrated positive value and negative volume growth, while illicit trade significantly increased in volume compared to 2015, mainly due to the increasing unit price of cigarettes following higher excise taxes.

Admittedly the only thing I have ever done with Bulgur wheat was Tabbouleh, where you just reconstitute the dry Bulgur wheat by pouring boiling water on it and letting it soak that way until it softens and fluffs up real nice & golden with every grain separate from the others. On that occasion, my "Bulgur" wheat did soften but was grayish in color and the individual grains stuck together kind of like oatmeal.

Wikipedia says that Bulgur wheat has been parboiled already, so you wouldn't need to boil it a lot to cook it, but merely re-hydrate with just the right amount of boiling water. if and if that doesn't work for you, you could try the traditional way of making couscous -- steam in, but get in there to break up clumps as it's cooking.

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