Dating violence bill of rights delhi dating portal

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I pledge to remember, demonstrate and promote the fact that love is respect.

Most dating relationships are healthy, but abuse and violence can happen between people from all walks of life, including people with disabilities, sexual minorities, Aboriginal and ethno-cultural people, and expecting couples.

I will value my partner’s boundaries online and behind closed doors.

“Without open lines of communication, it can be difficult for parents to know what their sons or daughters are experiencing in their relationships,” PCADV Deputy Director Ellen Kramer said.

“This app will not only prepare parents to discuss sensitive subjects such as physical violence and sexual abuse, but it can help build the foundation for enjoying a lifetime of healthy relationships.”Learn more at

A Manitoba member of Parliament is getting behind a Senate bill aimed at deterring violence against Indigenous women and girls following the death of Serena Mc Kay.

Robert-Falcon Ouellette brought up the need for "additional protections of the law" in Parliament on Thursday in a statement made in Cree. He was throwing his support behind Saskatchewan Senator Lillian Dyck's Bill S-215, which would amend the Criminal Code to make being an Aboriginal female victim an aggravating circumstance for the offences of murder, assault, and sexual assault.

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